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Transforming the Employee Handbook for a Calgary Tech Startup

Learn how we evolved an outdated set of HR policies into a more comprehensive tool.

The Client

A Calgary technology startup with fewer than 30 employees 


Review and update the Employee Policy Handbook

The Challenge

The company's existing policies were outdated and needed a refresh to better align with organizational values, include new and important guidelines, reflect current practices, and serve as the team's more commonly used guide. 

The Strategy

We reviewed the existing set of policies, met with the leadership team to understand the workplace culture and staff demographics, and proposed revisions and new policies to enhance the document into a more comprehensive tool.

This dispersed team is tech-savvy and spans multiple provinces, so our final product needed to align with their culture, proficiency and work habits. Since many team members are early in their careers, launching the new handbook with a communication campaign to inform and educate them about this resource would be crucial for success.

Looking ahead, we felt a coordinated communication plan would benefit future employee programs and initiatives. To streamline processes and avoid confusion, we aimed to integrate this resource into the onboarding process, reducing the presence of multiple document versions in the network environment.

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The Results

Recognizing the quick obsolescence of printed Employee Handbooks and the ambiguity stemming from multiple versions, it was evident that this tech-savvy startup workforce would benefit from an internal website.

Leveraging existing tools and platforms, we revamped existing HR policies and introduced new ones. Rather than a mere digital document, we transformed it into a dedicated people and culture web space. Collaborating with the marketing and technology team, we provided exclusive access to credentialed employees only. 

This centralized hub now serves as the one source of truth for all people and culture matters. To streamline access, we worked with the internal systems team to designate this as a 'Favourite' bookmarked site on all company computers.

In addition to organizational policies, we included an 'office quick start guide' on the website containing internal tools, software platforms, group benefits, and payroll links. We also incorporated an FAQ section and compensation philosophy. This reference guide caters to new hires and long-tenured staff seeking more information on company benefits. It also reflects the company's brand style and marketing guidelines to ensure alignment with its values.

The onboarding process now converges HR, marketing, and technology to enhance the human experience (HX). We transitioned from a physical document to a one-stop digital resource. In recognizing the importance of supporting new hires with the necessary tools and knowledge, we saw the opportunity to elevate this document into a more comprehensive, user-friendly resource.

Team members celebrating excellent results