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Webinar-based Lead Generation for Legal Professionals

Read on to find out how we helped generate significant revenue increases through a lead generation campaign centred around webinars and email marketing.

The Client

Moodys Private Client Law’s immigration group provides comprehensive Canadian and US immigration legal services for businesses and individuals looking to travel to, invest in, or relocate to Canada or the US.

Moodys Private Client Law (MPC Law) is home to a team of Canadian and US lawyers focused on business law, immigration law, trust & estate law, and tax law for those who have business or personal interests in Canada or the United States.

Major Deliverables

Webinar Lead Generation, Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing.

The Challenge

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Center program provides a pathway for immigrant investors to become US Green Card Holders. This program was re-authorized by President Biden on March 15, 2022. The minimum investment required to qualify for the EB-5 is $800,000 (USD), making it a complex and high consideration decision for those eligible.

With the announcement of re-authorization drawing heightened interest in the EB-5 program, the MPC Law team needed to capitalize quickly and position themselves as trusted resources in the area while promoting their service offering.

The Strategy

An informational webinar was scheduled for April 7, 2022, to strike a balance between being early to market and having enough time to generate high-quality registrants effectively.

We started by developing an audience profile with demographic, behavioural, and life-stage markers. We used these audience profiles to develop a webinar registration page, emails, and social advertisements that addressed the audience's key interests and pain points.

We first reached out to past clients to capitalize on existing brand equity and awareness, followed by Facebook advertising to cold prospects who are high net worth individuals to ensure awareness of the EB-5 offering to new clients.

A customized post-signup email sequence ensured that registrants received timely reminders and supplementary content to build trust and credibility and ensure continuous engagement. All registrants were offered a free 30-minute consultation immediately after the webinar to get more personal and client-specific conversations started.

The Results

80+ webinar attendees.

Over 80% attendance rate.

More than $300,000 in revenue for less than $17,000 in overall marketing investment (including ad spend)

Due to the overwhelming success of the first webinar and the large increase in demand for MPC Law’s service offering, a planned second webinar was delayed until MPC Law regained the capacity to accept new EB-5 clients.