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Digital Transformation & Lead Generation for Legal Professionals

Find out how our digital transformation led to significant revenue increases through a campaign based on webinars and email marketing.

The Client

Moodys Tax Law’s Renunciation & Expatriation group helps US citizens and green card holders around the world with renouncing their US citizenship or green card status in a manner that ensures no adverse tax or travel implications.

Moodys Tax Law is part of Moodys Private Client, and home to a team of Canadian and US lawyers singularly focused on tax law. They work with clients across the globe who have personal or business interests in Canada or the United States to design tax strategies tailored to their situation.

Major Deliverables

Lead Generation, Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing.

The Challenge

Renouncing US citizenship or residency status is a high-stakes, complex legal process. Understandably, customers often put a lot of thought and deliberation into ensuring that they’ve retained the right service provider for this highly sensitive process.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the primary lead generation channel for the Renunciation & Expatriation group was in-person seminars organized at regular intervals in Canada and across the globe in locations such as Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and more. These seminars were a crucial touchpoint for building trust with the customers and assuring them that their file will be in the right hands when they choose Moodys Tax Law.

The pandemic, however, has made regular, predictable travel schedules a thing of the past, removing the possibility of having international in-person seminars and taking away a crucial touchpoint of the sales funnel.

Our challenge was to create an end-to-end, fully-digital experience for a very complex, legally sensitive, and high-consideration purchase decision.

The Strategy

Our audience consisted of US citizens or green card holders living in Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. We knew that if a lead-gen campaign that was previously high-touch and reliant on in-person interactions were to be fully digital, the experience would need to be seamless and ensure 360° visibility of Moodys Tax Law for prospective clients. Here’s how we achieved this goal:

  1. The Webinar Experience: By collaborating with Proshow Audiovisual, we created a high-production, interactive webinar experience to replace the in-person seminars. These webinars are crucial touchpoints that educate prospective clients on the renunciation process and act as a proof point for the expertise and credibility of the Moodys Tax Law team.

  2. Content Marketing: We regularly publish blogs that answer some of the most frequently asked renunciation-related questions and illuminate the tax exposure for US Citizens and green card holders living abroad. These blogs are optimized for search engine algorithms to ensure top visibility in search results. These blogs further cement the credibility and expertise of Moodys Tax Law and act as another entry point to the webinars for new prospective clients.

  3. Facebook Advertising: We utilize the Facebook business platform to promote our webinars and content marketing campaigns to US citizens and green card holders living across the world. Our ads focus on the most pressing tax issues faced by US expats living abroad and use a variety of formats, including video, graphic illustrations, text, and photographs. These ads are continuously monitored and optimized over the course of each campaign and account for the largest number of registrations for each webinar.

  4. Email Marketing: Once a prospective client attends one of our webinars or signs up to our mailing list, our email strategy takes over. We re-engage this audience with informative, engaging email campaigns that include relevant content and invites to future webinars to gather more information.

  5. Personal Consultation: Once a prospect attends the webinar, they’re encouraged to book a consultation with one of Moodys Tax Law’s legal experts. This consultation serves to assess a prospective client's situation, determine if renunciation is the right fit, and proceed with the process if so.

The Results

When we started, the Renunciation and Expatriation group was focused on Canada, Western Europe, the UK, & Australia. Since moving to an all-digital lead-gen campaign, we’ve helped them expand their audience, targeting more than 55 countries across the globe with the following results: