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Non-profit Branding and Launch for Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues

Non-profit branding and launch

Read on to discover how we helped launch a non-profit organization through visual branding, brand messaging, and web design.

The Client

Colton Parayko is one of the most respected defensemen in the NHL. In 2019, he helped the St. Louis Blues win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Many hockey fans know of Colton’s contributions on the ice but are unaware of his important work away from the arena. As an alternate captain of the Blues, he has taken a leadership role in both his professional career and charitable pursuits. For the past several years, Colton has spent time with hospitalized children in St. Louis and his home province of Alberta, trying to lift their spirits as they and their families deal with various health ailments.

In 2020, Colton decided to create a non-profit organization that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families and alleviates the stress associated with long-term medical care. He named his foundation “Project 55” after the jersey number he’s worn since joining the team in 2015.

The Challenge

FLM was approached by Colton’s marketing representative, Treadstone Sports Agency, to create a website that would communicate the ‘why’ behind Project 55. Our challenge was to generate awareness and encourage people to become involved through memberships and financial donations.

The Strategy

Our journey began with creating a logo and launching the Project 55 brand. Our design team crafted the ‘P55’ logo with a center-ice dot as a focal point. This center-ice image represented the starting point for every period and the starting point for Project 55.

It was important to design a logo that resonated with the hockey fan, who would wear the logo on a cap or shirt as they would with other sports brands.

With the logo in place, we began to develop the website. Colton made it clear from the beginning that the website was not to be about him. While Colton, the NHL, and the St. Louis Blues would play important roles in driving website traffic, the focus would always be placed on the kids and families Colton and his Project 55 Foundation partners were trying to help.

An economical layout and straightforward navigation were chosen to ensure an easy and intuitive user experience. We relied on the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” supplementing copy with visuals that told the story of the work Colton and the Project 55 team were doing. It’s one thing to tell someone about the importance of the work you’re doing, but allowing them to see it brings a deeper level of understanding.

The messaging encourages participation by highlighting the value and importance of being part of the Project 55 team, whether through partnerships, donations or joining the “Project 55 Inner Circle.” This is backed by functionality that makes it easy to sign up and contribute, ensuring the website aids the vital task of building the base of Project 55 supporters for years to come.

The Results

The Project 55 brand and website launched on November 16, 2021. Within the first week, the website attracted more than 800 visitors from the US, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, and the UK and was featured on and As support for Project 55 grows, the website will continue providing information on news and events for both new and existing members, highlighting the importance of the work Project 55 is doing and encouraging visitors to make a difference.