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Rebranding & Repositioning a National Electrical Engineering Firm

Engineering branding and web design

Discover how we helped Primary Engineering and Construction with modern branding and a new, intuitive, and value-focused web design.

The Client

Primary Engineering and Construction provides complete engineering and construction solutions specializing in various sectors across Canada, including electric utility, land development, telecommunications, and renewables. They are a fast-growing company, quickly expanding from two people to over 270.

Major Deliverables.

Brand Refresh, Website.

The Challenge

Primary’s reputation across Canada is well-known. Their clients know them as construction and engineering leaders, providing them with complete electrical engineering and communications distribution solutions. They know this because they have worked with Primary. What about potential clients? Primary’s website wasn’t clearly communicating the breadth and depth of their service offering to help attract new clients.

Our challenge was to create a rich, full-featured website that not only communicated their service offering but supported their business development needs by highlighting their value proposition.

The Strategy

From the beginning, it was clear that the way to create a website experience that helped Primary with their business development was to make a website experience that was client-centric. As a result, we prioritized features and content that was easy to understand, and spoke specifically to their clients’ pain points and how Primary helps solve them.

Gone was the wall of copy that was hard to read, full of jargon, and boastful stats. Instead, we worked with Primary to re-write the content from the ground up, keeping in mind what users wanted to know. In addition to the content, the brand received a facelift, with bold colours and a modern look and feel, helping to develop a modern digital presence not present in the previous website.

Now, visitors could not only read about projects and services rendered, but they would also be able to see completed projects via videos, photos, and case studies. The website provides a more engaging platform for Primary’s work, whether users are on their desktop or on mobile. The inclusion of an interactive map supports Primary’s evolution from a Calgary-based company to national status, operating across Canada in several major cities.

Our approach didn’t stop with highlighting the work. It was important to communicate what makes Primary special: Its company values and its people. Primary wanted to use the website not only to recruit new work but as a hub for recruiting new people into the company.

We worked together to define who they are as a company, using what was inherently there from the beginning: good people committed to progress. With this solid foundation, we took to creating a website that showcased their people, their values, and their commitment to a “total team effort” that “furthers the progress of clients and communities.”

The Results

Embracing their past work, their commitment to their clients, and a truly unique entrepreneurial spirit, Primary’s website now offers a clearer picture of a national company with a reputation as solid as their client work. With their new and improved website, they are now able to attract more client work across the country and top talent into their team. As they continue to grow and evolve, their website will be a clear representation of who they are and what they do.

“With the help of Forward Level…We are no longer just a Calgary company, or an Alberta company or even a Western Canadian company, we are truly a 100% Canadian firm. There are no limits to what our company can do and no limits to where we can operate.”

Joseph Kyllo, P. Eng. VP, Business Development

“Together, we can be proud of our bold new look that represents our past, our present, and our future.”

Mike Windsor, P. Eng., President and CEO