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Accessing New Revenue Streams Through Effective Marketing

July 29th, 2020 Jon Holden 2 min to read

Webinar Overview

New revenue streams can open up potential growth opportunities for your business, but effective marketing can be the key to turning potential into success. Join us as we speak with Kim G C Moody, CEO of Moodys Tax, on how marketing helped him launch a brand new online service.


Kim G C Moody, CEO, Moodys Private Client

The antithesis of the status quo, Kim is driven to innovate new and better ways to do things for the clients he serves, the advancement of the firm, and other professionals in tax. His relentless obsession with getting to know everything in the Tax Act makes him a highly sought-out resource for peers and clients.

Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO, Forward Level

Vision and passion — they’re can’t-miss qualities when Amish is in the room. As the founder of Forward Level, Amish leans on his diverse marketing experience while constantly shaping what’s next. Amish has a gift of identifying the most unique attributes of a business (and members of our team) and ensuring the cream rises to the top.

Jon Holden, COO, Forward Level

Tenacious, tech-savvy, and a high-energy creative, Jon guides the team through intricate marketing campaigns without breaking a sweat. If there’s a new way to do something, or just an old way made even better, Jon is on it, elevating your business by being the embodiment of “forward-thinking.” He’s also a big fan of initiating slow-claps.