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Better Marketing: Good Enough Can Always be Better

February 9th, 2018 Jon Holden 2 min to read

If you’re an established business, chances are high that you’ve got, at a minimum, a website and some sort of lead generation strategy. Maybe you’re active on social media, utilize print or digital advertising, and showcase at conferences or seminars. It’s good enough, you think, but “good enough” means it can always be better.

Keep it productive and current

It’s critical to the health of your business to ensure that the marketing effort you’re engaged in is productive and current. It’s not about doing a lot, it’s about doing it right. Take stock of the effort you’re putting in and what is/isn’t working and don’t be afraid to change up the whole damn thing.

Analyze everything. Does the user experience of your websites reflect how you want to be seen? Do your social media habits accurately represent your values and current offerings? Does your print collateral (business cards, brochures, advertisements) cast your brand in the best light and speak to the true value of the solutions you provide?

The quality of your marketing should match the quality of your business

We’ve seen a lot of brands that do something extraordinarily well (whether it’s a product, process, or other offerings) but leave an opportunity to improve on how they translate that expertise to their audience. If your offering is extraordinary, your marketing should be, too.

If you already have a marketing team in-house, ensure your marketing strategy is optimized for your business goals. If 2018 is the year you invest in marketing, look for a firm that invests the time and effort to know you, your business and your industry. Your marketing firm should be more than a contract, they should be a partnership that acts like an extension of your own business, equally committed to representing your values and purpose while making decisions based solely on what’s best for you, not them.


If your marketing feels like it's just "good enough," drop us a line. Let's make it better.