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Business is a Human Experience

June 19th, 2023 Amish Morjaria 2 min to read

These are exciting times for Forward Level. We have just released our refreshed brand and launched a brand-new website. I find myself reflecting on the shift we’re seeing in how people are doing business these days. This shift, or evolution, in the way we approach business was the push we needed to add HR as a service offering, in addition to marketing. It’s become so clear to us that HR and marketing are both human-centric functions of a business.

We believe that business is a human experience.

In the last two or three years, human connection has become even more important. The distance we experienced highlighted how important it was for people to interact.

I recall having similar conversations with clients nearly five years ago. When we were working on marketing strategies with our clients, there were many conversations around recruitment, retention, talent acquisition, culture, and finding your purpose. All of these ideas flow into people and culture.

It has become a natural part of the conversation. The market is telling us something and so are our clients.

There is an integration of HR and marketing.

It's all about people. It's all about being human. If you're working on client experience, you better have a good team experience, and if you want to have a good team experience, that's going to translate into a positive client experience.

Companies can work with us for marketing or HR, but the magic begins to happen when they work with us for both. I’ve always believed that talent unlocks potential. Now we see the next potential of what marketing can do if we integrate HR.

Is your company focused on the human experience? Are you seeing the connection between marketing and HR? Think about your answers to these questions as I leave you with one final thought.

If you're selling to humans or if you're employing humans, you need to start thinking about human experience. Your greatest input into an organization is humans, so why not focus on 'em?

It simply is a human thing.