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Don't Overcommit to One In-Market Audience

January 26th, 2018 Jon Holden 2 min to read

John Pemberton turned a cure for morphine addiction into the most popular soft drink in the world. Sometimes the right pivot at the right time changes everything. Your in-market audience might change. Be ready.

You know your audience, or at least who you’re marketing to, so you produce content that speaks to them. But what if the person you’re marketing to isn’t the one buying? It’s important to have a consumer in mind, but you’ve got to be agile.

A marketing strategy should never be “set it and forget it.” Your strategy should live and breathe. The strategy should be hungry. Your marketing strategy needs to balance a clear focus with the ability to evolve and be opportunistic. Always be willing to shift focus (while staying true to your purpose and goals as a business, of course) and you could easily unlock leads you weren’t even aware of.

Pay close attention to your audience. Recognize when a market you’re in isn’t working, or when you’ve tapped into one you didn’t expect. If you’re finding your audience is responding less and less (even with strategy changes) it might be time to re-evaluate your audience. Where are they gathering? Who is buying? Is it different than what your original marketing strategy suggested? If so, adapt.

Be proactive in marketing your brand, and when you can’t, be aggressively reactive. Don’t hesitate to make changes if the status quo isn’t achieving the results you expect. Sometimes small changes can yield huge results.

It's something we believe in for all our clients and ourselves at Forward Level.


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