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HR Housekeeping Part Two: Five Boring HR Tasks You Can't Ignore (and how to make them more fun)

February 2nd, 2024 Leona Moser 2 min to read

Human resource planning is the process of considering the current and future “people needs” of an organization. This involves evaluating an organization’s workforce structure and protocols to ensure operational goals are met, productivity stays high and future demands for labor and talent can be fulfilled.  

Are you ready to turn the mundane into magic in Part 2 of our HR Housekeeping? 

Magic may be a stretch, but we're tackling five seemingly boring HR tasks that are absolute game-changers! Who says HR can't be fun? Here are five tasks that may bore you in the moment, but your future self will thank you for: 

  1. Vacation Policy Review: Review your vacation policy to ensure your practices are compliant, effective, and scream "rest and recharge!". Did you know vacation time is an entitlement under the Alberta Employment Standards Code and employees can't just 'lose it' if they don’t use it? But you can (and should) limit the amount of carry-over vacation time into the next year.  

  2. Payroll/HRIS/Benefits Audit: Navigate through the HR jungle and audit your systems. Are your employee records up to date in each system? Synchronize your data across all systems to avoid any potential discrepancy or risk to your employees.  

  3. HR & IT Face-Off: Audit active users in your HR and IT systems and remove any terminated users – no freeloaders allowed! Protect your organization and save some budget for the annual office karaoke night. 

  4. Year-End Data Insights: Celebrate your data milestones! Gather insights, find trends, and understand your data. It's not just about numbers; it's about moving towards strategic planning success. 

  5. Annual Policy Refresh: Take the time to review your policy handbook. Communicate changes and have your staff give it an annual thumbs up. Policies can be cool if presented right. 

And that's a wrap Part 2! These five seemingly dull HR tasks are the secret sauce to transforming your workplace from routine to remarkable. Did you miss Part 1? We've got you. Read it here!

Are you ready to get your house in order? 


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