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It's Never Too Late to Focus on Social Media Engagement

January 10th, 2018 Jon Holden 3 min to read

If your company still isn’t active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social networks that apply, there’s room for improvement. It's time to prioritize social media engagement.

“I will not ignore my social networks”

You may not be convinced that your product or service is the type that is naturally going to attract a large online following, but it’s a key tool that will continue to grow in importance as time goes on. Don’t ignore it, embrace it.

Be active and prioritize social media engagement

“Active” isn’t just activating an account and using it every six months, it’s about providing a steady level of valuable output to your audience. The companies who get it, grow, and those who don’t leave opportunities on the table. In 2013, 75% of Fortune 500 companies had a corporate Twitter account. That was before Twitter was even close to as influential as it is today. How many Fortune 500 companies do you think are active on Twitter today?

Let your audience know you…

Social platforms are essential for raising brand awareness and telling your story. They provide an opportunity for you to sell your brand—who your company is—which separates you from your competitors. If your potential clients and customers see you as “just” a product or service, then it can create an uphill battle when trying to market to them.

…so you can know your audience

Likewise, audience engagement has never been easier. Social platforms are an environment where you can learn about your audience, interact with them, and take any information you gather to improve your offering.

Hit multiple platforms and see what works. Your audience may be on Facebook more than Twitter or LinkedIn, so once you know where your audience is gathered, you can better
direct your marketing efforts.

Don’t be discouraged by a low number of followers

If you find it hard to gain a big following, don’t abandon a platform altogether. It’s not uncommon for a small following to be made up of brand ambassadors, people who are committed to you and believe in your value. They’re your bread and butter, so treat a small following just as important as you would a large one. And when you prioritize engagement on social media and produce customer-focused content, that number will naturally grow over time.

Leverage the power of social media to tell your story, humanize your brand, know your audience and set your company apart.

Don't know where to start? No worries, drop us a line and let's get going.