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Launching a Digital Product: Is Now the Right Time?

September 2nd, 2020 Forward Level 2 min to read

Launching a Digital Product Webinar Overview

The world is in a state of rapid change and innovation is more important than ever. Business owners globally are finding new ways to bring in revenue and go from survival back to a state of growth.

Many of these business owners are taking their products and services online, launching digital products, and opening up their business to brand new and highly engaged online audiences.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss why innovation is not just an action, it’s a mindset. You’ll learn why going digital might be the key to success that helps business owners thrive even as their market shifts, and how to make the digital shift work for your business.


Avnish Mehta, Principal, Stand & Command

Avnish helps professionals create strong network connections through the power of public speaking. Over the years, he has coached corporate leaders, TEDx speakers, and not-for-profit leaders to deliver captivating speeches and elevate the ways team members communicate with one another. He and the Stand and Command team also developed an app called Fillerbuster, which helps speakers assess their voice quality by measuring pitch, frequency and power.

Jon Holden, COO, Forward Level

Tenacious, tech-savvy, and a high-energy creative, Jon guides the team through intricate marketing campaigns without breaking a sweat. If there’s a new way to do something, or just an old way made even better, Jon is on it, elevating your business by being the embodiment of “forward-thinking.” He’s also a big fan of initiating slow-claps.

Amish Morjaria, Founder and CEO, Forward Level

Vision and passion — they’re can’t-miss qualities when Amish is in the room. As the founder of Forward Level, Amish leans on his diverse marketing experience while constantly shaping what’s next. Amish has a gift of identifying the most unique attributes of a business (and members of our team) and ensuring the cream rises to the top.