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Media Matters: How to Use the Media to Tell Your Story

November 26th, 2020 Carey Roberts 2 min to read

Media Relations Webinar Overview

Technology continues to shift business marketing towards online platforms like Facebook and Google, but what to make of traditional media? Remember them? Well, believe it or not, leveraging the media through media relations can still be an effective method to reach your customers and help tell your brand story.

In this latest webinar, we will be speaking with Tony Tighe, familiar to most as a broadcast journalist on Global News in Calgary. His latest endeavour is as a teacher and media relations and communications consultant. We will discuss with Tony the importance of a brand story to businesses and how the media can help tell that story.


Tony Tighe, Media Relations and Communications Consultant

Tony Tighe spent 40 years in radio and television news broadcasting in Canada. He was on-air in Calgary from 1985 to 2018 with CJAY-92 FM, CFCN TV and Global TV. He’s well-known as the consumer watch reporter but has also been a TV news anchor, investigative journalist and an award-winning documentary producer. He also has experience teaching Media Relations and Communications at Bow Valley College and Mount Royal University. Since retiring, he continues to be a Media Relations Consultant and volunteers with several non-profits.

Lisa Laughton

Lisa began her career as a public relations professional and spokesperson within the non-profit sector. She believes that earned media exposure is one of the most effective tools for telling your brand story and has nearly a decade of experience in leveraging the media to help drive business goals forward.

Carey Roberts, Content Strategist, Forward Level

Carey began his career in media as a television writer, producer and on-air host. He continues his journey as a storyteller in his current role as Content Strategist. Carey believes that stories connect us all, and that good storytelling is how people remember your brand.