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The Power of Purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility

October 18th, 2018 Forward Level 2 min to read

When our clients walk the talk, we get inspired. This past September, Westcor took a huge step forward by launching Building a Better Community: A Westcor People-First Initiative. It was our privilege to help them kick off this long-term initiative with a great event, rallying their business and trade partners to raise over $12,500 towards bully prevention.

Corporate social responsibility is about your purpose

Working with community-minded businesses to create a positive impact on the people of our city is the stuff we live for. This initiative is an excellent example of an organization seeing a way to make things better. Taking action, finding a way to make things better for everyone, and not being afraid to shake things up while you’re at it.

Living your purpose to the extent that Westcor does allows Corporate Social Responsibility to flow naturally. Anybody can throw together a fundraiser. But, when it’s aligned with the purpose of your company, it conveys an authenticity that allows people to feel a genuine connection with what you’re doing.

Knowing your organization’s purpose helps you gain a deep understanding of your organization’s reason for being. Living your purpose makes you relatable. It demonstrates that you understand and appreciate the things that are important to your employees, partners, investors, and customers. In an era of short attention spans, creating these connections means people don’t have to think about what you’re doing. They can feel what you’re doing.

It’s an ongoing thing. Here at Forward Level we are continually evaluating and re-evaluating what we are doing and how it relates to our purpose. We are continuously working with our clients to do the same. Having these conversations ensures we’re all moving forward. Corporate Social Responsibility, done well, is about connecting to your purpose, bringing people together, and creating impact.


How is your organization living its purpose? If you need a little push, drop us a line. We're happy to help.