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Trying to Make Shish Kabobs but End Up With a Stir Fry?

March 7th, 2023 1 min to read

Warning: I think in analogies, metaphors and I love food.

When you dive into strategic planning, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of details. The sheer volume of variables to consider can often distract you from the most important piece - your strategy. A solid strategy connects all relevant dots…or not (the power of simplification by subtraction!).

Let’s take marketing for instance (ha, what a surprise).

Think of marketing like you’re making a shish kabob. The meat and veggies are the pieces of your marketing plan, like your key messages, brand identity and social channels. The skewer is your strategy. It touches every single piece as it’s woven through. And most importantly, it holds everything together.

Without a skewer, your shish kabob is a stir fry, and you’re left with a very messy grill.

Nobody likes a messy grill.